Health Social Marketing is husband and wife duo here to help your health, wellness, and beauty business flourish. We work behind the scenes so you can focus on serving your members, clients, and customers.

Kirstin Pinit is a Yoga Health Coach, certified yoga teacher, and artist. She's also a irrepressible "mechanic" who loves to create and tinker with systems to make them elegant and easy to use. She has 15+ years' experience in marketing, project management, training development, and business operations. She's managed behavior-change programs for businesses and communities. Kirstin offers coaching programs and classes that expand our individual and collective capacities for creativity, vibrant health, & radiant longevity.

Tom Pinit's experience in environmental consulting led him to a career in land conservation, allowing him to help diverse communities live, work, and play in natural spaces. He created a social entrepreneurship project - The Choro Music Project - to fund micro-loans for poor and disadvantaged entrepreneurs around the world. Tom is an insatiable researcher and life-long learner. When Tom takes on a project, he digs deep, and he won't give up until the job is done. 

Personally, we share a deep commitment to healthy lifestyle choices and value the benefits of alternative and natural practices for long and fulfilling lives. 

We created Health Social Marketing to bring our professional and personal interests and talents together. Our mission is to help heart-centered businesses fulfill their potential and increase adoption of services and practices that bring about wellbeing for everyone. 

Health Social Marketing has trained with experts in social media marketing, coaching and behavioral science:

  • Tai Lopez, investor, entrepreneur, and author at The Knowledge Society and social media pioneer and expert
  • Cate Stillman, entrepreneur, author, and head coach at Ayurveda, yoga, and coaching pioneer and expert
  • Kat Donnelly, PhD, CEO and founder of AZENTIVE: behavioral science expert
  • Joe Soto, CEO at Revenue Inbound, Digital Marketing Agency: social media marketing and strategy expert
  • Peter Wang, entrepreneur and IT consultant at Jintsume and website design
  • Josh Earp, chairman at Aesthetic Advertising LLC: direct response marketing and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Nathan Chan, editor-in-chief and publisher of the digital magazine, Foundr: social media expert
  • Dan Fleyshman, founder at social media marketing and strategy expert
  • Raymond Duke, freelance at copywriting and direct response marketing
  • Alex Mehr, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder at Mentorbox and Zoosk: social media marketing
  • Sean Vosler, owner at Vezign LLC: website design and marketing
  • Chris Record, CEO at Tecademics: Internet and social media sales strategy
  • Jennifer Baca, head of HR and operations at The Knowledge Society and agency growth and development
  • Nick Unsworth, Founder and CEO at Life on Fire: social media marketing and strategy expert
  • Jeremy Haynes, CEO and founder at Megalodon Marketing: Internet advertising expert
  • Mike Arce, CEO and founder at Loud Rumor: social media marketing and strategy expert